(NEO80 on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, CA. in the 90's.)

"NEO80 was the absolute coolest shop, back before Melrose turned trendy, long before yuppies swept through with their Gaps and Eddie Bauer's. Back when every clothing designer had a unique style and a low-rent shop on Melrose Ave"- Artie, seamstress from NEO80 in 1979.

Now is open for business! If you would like to purchase NEO80, Lisa Elliott, NeoManiac originals, vintage 70's and 80's costumes for TV, film, editorial or for your own collection contact Rayne Parvis at 818-314-6335. We have an entire collection of vintage wear, original patterns and eclectic pieces ready to sell.

Not into vintage? What about a cool t-shirt, tank, tote or sweatshirt that shows you got style? "Electric slide" on over to our printed products and get your fashion on! 

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